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Soo early!!! Need sleep!
May 16 2018 05:27 AM


Trying to stay positive...mostly failing.
Apr 21 2018 08:54 PM


Methimazole and pregnancy
Mar 27 2018 07:31 PM


Diagnosed Graves Disease JAN 18.2018
Feb 27 2018 01:25 PM


feeling awfull
Oct 02 2017 04:03 AM
  • boom's Photo
    graves disease since 2011
    on methimazole 40m, beta blockers and cortisone...6 years after relapse..stop meds at 24/9/207..
    Now i feel awfull again, heart rate about 100 or 110 every day.
    monster GRAVES comes again........

    Nov 23 2017 05:16 AM


Just diagnosed, feel messed up
Sep 30 2017 04:24 PM


Dear Friends, I would like to give you an intro in my situation. I moved to Germany and here they do not have Syntroid so since my lab test came TSH at 0.5 and I was on Syntroid 100 the foc loweted the dosage to 75 L-Tyroxine. They do not have Syntroid in Germany. Now I am on the second week on the newer dossage but feel very anxious and all the other Hyper simptoms. I forgot to mention I had Graves and RAI since 1995. My question is if anyone experience hyper simptoms when lowering the dos...
Aug 26 2017 10:15 AM


I'm never doing THAT again!
Apr 14 2016 03:45 PM


Viewing the variety of topics and still waiting for validation. Yet nothing really answers my questions.
Jan 12 2016 11:23 AM


Talking to people about my condition is like talking to customer service. They say they understand, but then try to sell you on an idea that is based on opinion rather than medical knowledge.
Jan 08 2016 01:40 PM


Waiting for Profile Status to be Validated. So far....still waiting
Jan 08 2016 01:34 PM


Graves newbee
Oct 29 2015 07:05 PM
  • psc1979's Photo
    I new to this site, recently diagnosis with hyperthyroid and Graves. IS there a difference between the two. This diagnosis was find all because of some routine labwork. My PCP had no clue what was up with my labs. My TSH was 0.01 and all my other thyroid labs were within normal range. SO she sent to the Endocrine, there they did my lab work again. This time my TSH was 0.00 and my Free T3 was 3 points over. The TSI was 300% over baseline, there I had a sono. Well that showed a nice 1 i...
    Oct 29 2015 07:14 PM


good to be back
Aug 08 2015 06:49 AM


mainly fear of the unknown but carrying faith
Jul 14 2015 05:12 AM


Hello I am new and have a couple of questions I wAs told I have Graves' disease and I was put on methimazole and ii workout and try to eat right I am a large women but it seems like I can't lose no matter what and I am constantly fatigue I am finding myself drinking a lot of red bull can someone help me
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