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Need Advice On Living With Someone With Graves

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Posted 03 April 2011 - 04:02 AM


My partner was told he had hyperthyroidism back in jan 2009.This was after a big weight loss and years of going to the doctors and been told he had nothing wrong with him,his blood showned he was also thyrotoxicosis,and his mood swings and temper were to the point of i did,nt really know the person i was living with.


He was put on meds and his levels returned to normal for round 6mths,and my partner seemed to be getting back to himself.I noticed a change in him again couple of months later,and suggested he went for early blood test.His level were off again so his doctor refered him to consultant at up his meds.Appointmnt was,nt for couple mths and his moods got worse again.


when he did get to see the consultant she suggested radioactive iodine treatment,and to with drawn all the medications.
She said she could,nt do the treatment untill my partner was thyrotoxicosis.They did a blood test that day,and send him a letter to say he had graves disease. So for the 9mths it took my partner to go thyrotoicosis,and in this time he has lost weight,mood swings and temper are back,and i really don,t know him any more,even his friends are saying stuff now he,s changed that much,


The consultant,well they cant do the radioactive treatment now,last appointment they realised he,s got eye disease.
So it seems like the last 9mth was a waste of time.


Consultant wants to cut his thyroid out now,but in the mean time see how bad his level get and put on meds again till then,Don,t really get what there doing now.Why they did,nt know he had eye disease 2yrs ago,his eyes were funny then and he was having problems.


Could really do with some advice,my partner is like a moody zombie most days and its effecting every part of his life.
If he did,nt have graves disease i,d of left.Its like living with a stranger.


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Posted 03 April 2011 - 05:11 PM

Hi and welcome:


So sorry your partner is suffering.


It sounds like he was not medicated properly and may not have had his thyroid labs closely watched.


Ideally ATD (antithyroid drug) is to be taken two to three times a day in divided doses. Thyroid labs of the Free T3 and the Free T4 (also TSH) should be done every four to six weeks to see if the numbers are coming down. If it is gradually reduce the ATD from every lab results all the while aiming for the mid ranges of the Free Ts, at least.


I am not sure if this is what your partner has been doing.


I suggest reading at Thyroid 101 on what to do and diet to follow as ideas.


Your partner needs to know how to medicate properly with the ATD before he can consider a TT (Total Thyroidectomy). Also his doctors needs to know how to medicate him and how to lab properly. It would be a great idea if your partner learns how to read his labs and how to work with dose adjustments.


This area here is for the general chit chat postings. Go to Graves' Disease and Thyroid discussions and you'll see about half way down to see the current thread to post and to start a new thread.


If it were me, I'd get back on the ATD to monitor my labs and dose properly. Then all the while doing research here at Thyroid 101 of the steps to take such as researching.


Getting an RAI when a TED (Thyroid Eye Disease) is active, will make it worst.


{{{hugs}}} :)

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Posted 04 April 2011 - 02:19 AM

thanks for replying.Think it would be great if he could read his blood tests and what levels he is,so he knew how much meds to take.


But his consultant at the hospital just wants to put him on meds for now if his levels are toxic,which they were 2mths ago,so like you say it would be great to understand his levels cause i would of thought he should be on something now.


As far as the full total thyroidectomy,they want him to have that done,and are going to look at when in may.Very concerned as not alot of information coming back from consultant.


Will take your advise though,and look up thyroid 101 .thankyou xxx is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for consultation with your health care provider.

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