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Just Another Day...

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Posted 01 July 2011 - 03:59 AM


I am a 29 year old female who gave birth to my first child in December 2010. I was born and raised in south Africa and now live in France with my husband. 2 months after giving birth I was feeling pretty rough and put it all down to the birth of my daughter. Out of nowhere I started having panic attacks and thought I was going to die. My heart was constantly beating fast and my anxiety was just ridiculous beyond words. I then decided that I must have post natal depression and off to the doctor I went. It was a mutual agreement and with my history of depression it wasn't even questioned. A month after being on the anti depressants I still felt rough, anxiety, I lost weight and was skinnier than before I got pregnant, I had chronic stomach cramps, diarrhoea, I was sweating in the middle of winter, my daughter weighed a ton to me and I felt like I had the flu! I was exhausted beyond words. I thought, if this is what giving birth is all about then I'm afraid I won't be doing this again!!


Off to the doctor I went again! After a thorough check, my heart rate was 140 beats a min, body temperature elevated, shaking hands and my doctor said it looks like I have hyperthyroidism. Well.....now we are getting somewhere I thought! My gran had graves disease so it was possible I had it! After extensive tests it was confirmed. In some strange way I was glad because now I thought I can get better and feel somewhat human again! Well that was almost 4 months ago and after going to the specialist I feel no better! Ok, ok, to be fair most of the beginning symptoms have gone, but I am tired and weak beyond words! I have gone from being hyper to complete hypo. Each day is a struggle to get out of bed and I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like the worst mum in history because I struggle to do day to day things with my growing daughter. It is made even harder that aim in a foreign country with no family to friends around to help! :-(. The bad days are really bad and sometimes just want to crawl Into a ball and hide away from everything! Im sure everyone can relate.


I can only hope that things stabilise soon and I can start to feel good soon, please tell me it happens!! :-). If anything it has made me a stronger person. Thanks for reading my story. :-)


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Posted 03 July 2011 - 06:23 PM



This is the personal stories section for those who have a successful Graves' Disease Story.


You might want to post your post in the Graves' Disease and Thyroid forum discussion section where more people read there at to get your Qs answered.


Good luck and {{{hugs}}} :)


P.S. I'm sorry you're suffering...!

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